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Some legit reasons men just won’t commit

This is the season for many to become serious about relationships, and Valentine’s Day is one of the most high-pressure days for men in the Western World. Ladies, it’s easy to become annoyed and frustrated with your man when he refuses to commit, but there are often some valid reasons for his cold feet. While I am not a relationship expert, counselor, or qualified professional, here are some legitimate laypersons reasons as to why men are not prepared to commit to a serious relationship.

What Have I DoneOnce bitten, twice shy: when a man is deeply wounded in a previous relationship, scars exist. Even if there’s been a so-called “rebound,” it’s not uncommon for a man to want to take his time, or even never fully commit. While most who have come out of a damaging relationship or brutal breakup are encouraged to take some time to themselves, the desire to jump back in to avoid the “lonely bug” can be too great to resist, but with that comes a fear of repeating past mistakes.  This is especially true of relationships where one or both sides were abusive.  Healing time is needed.

kate-winslet-ned-kiss-zA torch still ablaze: guys, we’ve all been there – that woman we once had the strongest feelings on earth for, be it a friend or lover, and then our hopes are dashed. That one “who got away” is the stuff of best-selling love songs.  We try to get past her to move on to someone better.  Still, the fire smolders, waiting for any perceived breath of fresh of air to rekindle it anew, and set our hearts ablaze yet again.  Teensy problem with that; we meet a truly wonderful and committed woman, and that particular little fire still burning in our hearts needs a different fuel for combustion. Until that fire is put out, a new flame cannot hope to burn steady and bright.  The man in your life needs time to put the past behind him, and sometimes a “walkabout” of sorts is needed.

Bachelorhood just feels good: for many men, being single is a great thing. After all, there is nearly zero accountability, zero need to change and almost no risk. By jumping into a committed relationship, the notion of having to actually work with someone, compromise and change oneself for the better ensues. That’s scary enough, but combine that with the idea of children, pets or meeting family, and it feels like a sensory overload most men just are not ready for.  Time won’t cure this one; only maturation will.

yellingUnreasonable expectations: ladies, here’s where it gets unpopular. It’s very easy for women to decide they want a commitment from a man who is, honestly, just doesn’t want it. It could be any number of reasons, but the fact is some men just around ready for commitment, and some never will be. The worst situation of all are men who commit for the wrong reasons, such as custody of children or financial reasons. These almost always devolve into explosive and dangerous breakups.  Communicating expectations is key here, but even the most thorough communication may result in an ending.

Ultimatums: Any self-respecting man, or woman for that matter, will walk away from an ultimatum to be committed. If you tell your beloved “if you won’t commit, I’m out,” you should expect to be alone, period. To give any significant other an ultimatum to commit can be regarded as holding someone hostage emotionally, even if the person being held hostage is the ultimatum giver. Once you’ve gotten to the ultimatum point, the relationship is likely on borrowed time.

Finally there is Superstition: this is the one reason some men use and it’s based on the notion that Valentine’s Day commitments, proposals and such are bad luck. Now, that being said, it’s easy to have serious regrets about saying “yes” in the hoopla of the day. It’s even more common for a woman to not want to let her man down by saying no to that diamond ring. Many relationships which escalate on this day often fail down the road, so many men are skeptical about the validity of proposing in any way on Valentine’s Day.

Some of us just won’t be good commitment material, and sometimes it’s a matter of feeling “they can do it, why can’t I?”  We’ve all been there, and some of us grow out of it faster than others.  So ladies, cut your man a small break if he’s unable to commit.  Let him tell you in his way, in his time but, be aware, some men really aren’t ready to take that big leap. Be kind, compassionate and loving, but firm. Don’t let him hold you hostage, but don’t hold him hostage either. Compassion and love goes far further than demands and frustration, and the commitment which can result may be the best thing you’ve ever known.

Fifteen things men need to start doing right now.

Well fellas, I’m about to make fifteen statements I’m sure will piss off “traditional men” or “men who pee standing up.”  This is a list of things we, as a gender, really need to start doing today and if we can’t figure out why, then we are our own worst enemy now. 

Face it, the “gender war” is a lost cause.  The reason we can’t win is because of our own stupidity.  Rather than actually thinking with our hearts and heads simultaneously, we chose to think with our gonads.  That never ends well.  So here we go, with fifteen things we men need to start doing right this very second:

  1. Quit bullying each other based on whether we are “real men.”  For Christ’s sake, last I checked, a “real man” is as subjective as political ideology.  There is no real absolute except basic decency to others. 
  2. Accept there is a gender pay gap and figure out where and why it exists.  Look if we don’t set the damn example, nobody else will do it.
  3. Quit saying “whatever” during an argument with a woman and walking away.  Our strength is supposedly poise:  let’s show it, dammit!
  4. Get the hell away from “crazy” women (or men), asap!  News flash:  if there’s nobody interested in their behavior, they have to eventually look in the mirror and say “maybe it really is me,” right?  Well, we can get away anyway.
  5. Quit justifying every insult of a peer on “moral” grounds.  If you claim to be a Christian, remember Christs prime commandment; love your neighbor as you would love me.  Everyone else, Golden Rule applies.
  6. Stop expecting anyone to “complete” us.  It won’t happen.
  7. Focus on the good things we do in this world.  There are enough stereotypes; let’s actually tell the stereotype creators where they can go.
  8. Quit denying “rape culture” exists.  Instead, listen for once and do nothing but listen.  More important, remember what was said and use it to make you better.  If you are already a “good guy,” keep being good, but call out those who hurt others.
  9. Don’t be afraid to tell a woman when she’s wrong.  Sorry ladies, you’re just as wrong as we are.  We just never figured out how to tell you “you’re wrong and you know it” to your face in a civil manner.
  10. Accept that in most cases, we will be portrayed as pigs and lying sacks of crap.  We haven’t helped our cause. But take some comfort in knowing the many of the very same people who scream that often do the exact same thing.
  11. Stop thinking life’s not fair.  Life is what you make it.  Sometimes you lose for a long time, then hit a crazy patch of winning. 
  12. Remember that losing isn’t bad unless it’s your freedom or your life. Otherwise, losing simply is.
  13. Stop blaming a woman (or another man) for rejection. If you made a mistake, correct it for next time.  If you didn’t, take the punch and move forward and accept it’ll hurt like hell sometimes.  Let karma handle the rest – the more class you show, the more you attract the person you want.
  14. Realize that some men will be stronger, faster, smarter, better looking, richer, or better in bed than you.  However it is almost impossible to find someone who is better than you at all those things put together.
  15. Finally, quit worrying about finding a mate.  The saying “let the game come to you” is applicable in everything in life.  The harder you try, the less it’ll happen.  Relax and unfocus yourself – our wildest dreams in life usually happen when we aren’t trying or stopped caring.

And yes I am expecting some screaming about this from both men and woman.  Fire away!

Change and Friendships: Signs the two are no longer compatible

A quote nobody wants to experience, but as with life, it does happen.

Life is about change.  We all change, and change brings with it beginnings and endings.  To that end, we all experience that moment where we have to decide whether or not to stay friends with someone.  It’s a gut-wrenching, heart-shattering moment when we finally have to accept the fact that someone we used to be “ride or die” with is no longer the same person we once knew.  New associations, co-workers, even romantic involvements change us, and it changes our outlooks and opinions.  Some friendships can survive, while others just don’t have the strength to do so.  Not everyone sees eye to eye on what friendship is over the long haul, not everyone can balance conflicting emotions over friends, and not everyone wants to keep the same circle of friends.

While all friends fight, some fights are a clear indicator of fissures, fractures within the relationship which will only grow with time, and drive those individuals so far apart there is no way for the relationship to recover.  Some friends stop talking for a time for whatever reason, but they do come back together and make up.  Unfortunately, there are those who do not want to be around when times are really tough; some have good reasons for that (personal trauma resurfacing), while others simply don’t care because, to them, you are either not interesting or don’t fit their expectation of a friend.  Don’t fall for the notion of “low maintenance friends,” either; even the least-involved friends find time to check on someone going through a dark night or bad run.  Here are some warning signs that it may be time to push the eject button on a friendship, no matter how long it’s lasted.

  1. They make excuses for not talking to you. Do not confuse this with “ghosting,” which is a passive-aggressive cardinal sin which should result in an immediate ending of the friendship.  Being busy with kids or a new marriage, or more responsibilities on the job is one thing. . This is in reference to people who decide to not give you any reason for why they are not talking to you beyond the classic “I’m busy” cover.  In this age of digital interconnection and smartphones, that excuse should be less plausible than ever.  When that happens, ask yourself if you are really that important to them.  Chances are, you aren’t.
  2. They only make time for you when they can get something out of it. A friend who wants to talk to you only for advice, or to get your feedback on a decision, or wants to brag about their latest bedroom conquest is not the sort of friend you really need.  Now, if in between those moments they ask how you are doing, offer a great new place to get a bite to eat, share a joke or two, or offer to help you with a problem in your life, that’s a true friend.  Sometimes, they will give you a little nibble of that to get what they want.  The ratio is often two-to-one in their favor, or worse.  The moment you start having difficulties in life and lean on them, however, they run like hell.  This goes for family too.
  3. They belittle your beliefs or you as a person. This is different from “knocking some sense into you.”  Angry responses to your own passive-aggressive or attention getting behavior is one thing – that’s healthy and what a real friend does.  It’s the ones who resort to name calling out of “love,” who completely and aggressively invalidate something you believe in – whether it is political or spiritual – and who, worse still, justify their behavior as “telling it like it is” who do not deserve your time.  A true friend will smack you upside the head, tell you to “get a grip,” even block you for a while on social media to make a point, but will do so with an prefacing explanation (if you don’t pay attention to the explanation, that’s your own fault).  What they won’t do is call you names or act “tough” with you to make their point.  That’s bullying and it’s never acceptable.  Talk to a friend who sees your real value, even if you are acting like a fool or lovesick idiot.
  4. They don’t respect your reasoning to stay away. If you are in a situation where you like a friend as more than a friend and need some time for distance because you don’t want to create an issue because you feel it brewing, that’s healthy.  If you attempt to communicate it that way, a friend will respect it – they may not like it and take you to task for it, but they will respect it and disagree respectfully.  If they try to shift blame and say it’s all your fault and they are blameless, it’s time to take a long look at the relationship and ask if it’s really just you who is the problem – remember, all relationships, friendships especially, are two way streets.  Friends who expect things to operate in “one way” fashion have issues you can’t possibly help them with.  Let them go and find their way.
  5. It’s no longer a happy friendship. This is critical.  Friendships are there to build each other up and make each other feel better.  A friend whose attitude brings you down, or who has an attitude towards you in which you feel drained and depressed afterwards is not a friend you need.  That is a person who “collects” friends and hangs onto them like old toys in a cabinet.  Eventually you have to decide if that friend is worth keeping, that the relationship is salvageable, or if you need to walk away for your own sake.  Good rule of thumb; if you have tried to express your feelings and concerns and you worry they will blow up at you or end the friendship as a result, it’s probably a friendship which has outlived its shelf life, and it’s time to move on.

Yes, loss is painful, and it’s a part of life.  We can’t stay the same because life is not static.  What we can do is keep the good times, release the bad (you never really forget it, the human brain and heart are kinda funny that way), and focus on the horizon.  Not everyone will feel the same way about friendship as you will, and many people will not agree with these points because, frankly, everyone has different expectations of what friendship is all about.  Those who do understand you, stand by you, and are the “ride or die” types will completely understand how you tick.  They will even forgive and forget the occasional transgression, but they will always be there when things get hot or dark, and will give you a swift kick to the head when you need it, but do it in a way where you aren’t left asking yourself “why did they do that and just walk away?”  Bear in mind, the company we keep often determines who we keep as friends.  You can say “nobody controls me” all you want – in the end, who we associate with does influence who keep as friends some folks just don’t like the idea of losing a bunch of friends to stay loyal to the one.

That’s the difference between a healthy friendship and one which has been on life support a little too long.  Sometimes, the only thing you can do is pull the plug, mourn, and wake to a new day with friends who are there every day.

Male infertility: five things to consider

Infertility in men is just as devastating as it is for a woman.

There are a great many things in this life I have struggled with in recent years, but none so difficult as my own infertility.  Based on my own personal struggle to square societal-driven notions of manhood against my inability bear children with the woman of my choosing, I’d like to offer up five profound struggles men who face infertility deal with on a daily basis.  There are a ton of websites out there supportive of the female end of the equation, but precious little for men.  I figured I’d offer my own insights and story, in the hopes it can comfort my brothers who are unable to help conceive.

  1. Constant feelings of inadequacy.  Men who are infertile face a fundamental problem in their lives, even if they put up a brave face about – we feel inadequate.  We live in a society where adoption is offered as an alternative, but it never completely substitutes for the feeling of joy  knowing a baby is on the way.  Also, for those fathers whose adopted children have so many mental and emotional scars from being in “the system,” being called “Dad” is often elusive, if it happens at all.  That leaves us with the trauma of feeling “close, but no cigar” on so many occasions. Yes, some men feel happy they don’t have children to tie them down, but many of us really would have loved the opportunity to have a family.
  2. “What did I do wrong?” A man who cannot conceive often has no clue why.  If it is something easily correctable, such as a blood vessel wrapped around the ducts leading from the testicular region, that’s one thing. In many cases, young boys suffer physical trauma at the hands of pediatricians who are either poorly skilled or, worse still, hostile towards the issues facing young boys.  For this reason, examinations of reproduction areas frequently cause damage which is either irreversible or requires extremely expensive and risky surgery.  No amount of herbal supplements, boxers, ice or fertility enhancement can make the testicles produce more sperm if they are either damaged or genetically abnormal.  This leaves a man who is clinically, not functionally, infertile wondering what could have been done differently.  The answer is, sadly, nothing.  It’s what it is, and it hurts deeply.
  3. A pervasive feeling of unattractiveness. Scientific studies have shown women emit more pheromones when fertile, making them more attractive due to their “Scent” among men.  There are very few studies done with men when it comes to fertility and attractiveness, but any man who knows he’s infertile will tell you this – we feel a distinct disadvantage in the dating and mating pool.  We could be the most physically and mentally attractive person on earth but, when it comes down to it, “missing out” on that one person we really care for will always raise that question in the back of our minds as to whether our inability to conceive is something a woman can sense.  It’s not uncommon, at least for me, to see a pregnant woman and be happy, but also wonder if I’m lacking something and that’s why I struggled socially growing up and into my early twenties.  Yes, it does affect confidence, and that can cause myriad issues for a man in today’s world well beyond relationships.
  4. Profound sense of loss. Losing the ability to bring new life into the world is more than just a death, it is the feeling of never being given the opportunity.   There is no way to compare it to the death of a living being because, rather than being able to bring that life into the world, the option was seized from a man before he even had a say in the matter.  Learning one is infertile can only be described as having a rite-of-passage stolen from under your nose in the night while you slept.  You wake up, and you know that, deep inside, you’ve lost something and there is absolutely no way to get it back.  Grieving requires constant support, and many simply do not know how, or lack the ability or patience, to offer that sort of support.
  5. Legal and moral dilemmas. Catholic Canon Law is specific – impotent and infertile men cannot be married.    Many states and other faiths allow for uncontested divorce by the wife if the man is found to be incapable of bearing offspring, and many women choose to divorce their husbands when they learn they cannot have bring life into the world.  To these individuals, adoption is not an option and for the men who love them, it’s a wound which cuts so deep, it’s often takes a lifetime to recover.  In a society which prizes nuclear families above all else (at least on the surface,) this sort of thing is like a thermonuclear device being set off within the psyche.

Translating break-up statements, in highly sarcastic fashion

Time for a little biting sarcasm again.  We’ve all heard these “breakup” statements, sometimes stated as ultimatums, and sometimes just a cover for what they really mean.  Based on personal experience (and most of it highly questionable, erroneous, and the result of cat dander-induced hallucinations), here are some “translations” for some of the more common breakup statements and post-breakup battle cries.

Wow Miley!!! Hate much?

Statement:  It’s not you, it’s me

Translation:  You’re a needy, crazy, weird person and I’d rather drink sulfuric acid through a straw than ever be in the same area code as you.

Statement:  Random Bible Verse

Translation:  I’m using religion to assuage my conscience for being a complete jerk to you.

Statement:  Sometimes it’s because you’re stupid and you make bad choices.

Translation:  I have zero empathy for anything you’ve ever been through, but you can bet your sweet ass that I’ll be whining like a little baby when I need assistance or an ear to bend.  Oh, and I’ll be talking massive shit about you.

Statement:  Girl power

Translation:  Men are pigs, but I’ll admit that I’m scared to freaking death that what I did at (insert drunken party here) has been recorded somehow and will come back to bite me in the ass because, hey, that’s how it happens.  Until then, I repeat, men are pigs.

Statements:  Bitches are crazy

Translation:  I got dumped, so that entitles me to sleep with a bunch of women, be a total douche, and stop caring about the female gender ad infinitum.

Statement:  Get over yourself

Translation:  (Mostly interchangeable with “grow up.”)  I’m sick and tired of your drama.  I’ve got enough drama of my own to deal with, and believe me that my drama is way worse than your drama.

Statement:   Grow up

Translation:  See also “get over yourself,” but add this – show no emotion, be tough, be a jerk, and follow a stereotype, because our respective gender (male or female) wants to have it both ways.

Statement:  You need to do something productive with your life.

Translation:  Your chosen profession will make you a social and financial outcast and nobody will want to spend a life with you because you are going to be broke and nobody in their right mind wants to be with a broke person because all broke people are losers.

Statement:  Quit trying so hard

Translation:  Relax and let the game come to you.  Yes, easier said than done, but essential to your success and sanity.  (Note:  this one is actually encouraging)

Statement:  I’m not the one for you.

Translation:  In almost every case, this one can be taken literally.  The exception is if that person was unfaithful, then it simply means “I’ve got a new horse in the stable, so mush!

Statement:  You do have a lot to offer the right person

Translation:  I’m really not sure what you have to offer, but I have to say something so I don’t feel like a complete asshole for ditching you with some shallow ass explanation like you’re broke, you suck in bed or you aren’t good looking enough for me.

Statement:  I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this.

Translation:  My friends/family/confidants made my decision for me because I have zero spine, zero guts, and complete inability to commit to an adult decision.  Also, I don’t want to take responsibility.

Statement:  I love you, but I’m not in love with you.

Translation:  I want it both ways, and I’m not ready to settle down.  Also can mean – sorry, but you sucked in bed.

Statement:  We can always be friends

Translation:  Yep, but on my terms, and within strictly defined parameters.  This means if I want “friends with benefits” and you don’t, byyyyeeeeee!

Statement:  I don’t want a commitment

Translation:  Usually can be taken literally, but with a caveat – for some, this means “I’m not quite ready to grow up yet.  Check back when I’m ready to begin claiming Social Security.”

Highly Sensitive Men: taking responsibility of our lives to enrich ourselves and those around us

Emperor Palpaltine...an HSMs worst nightmare

Okay gentlemen, we are coming to the end of this look at ourselves and now I’m about take a look at the subset of males which I happen to belong to, how we get the short end of the stick, and what we can do about.

I am referring to Highly Sensitive Men, or HSMs.  No, we are not whiny babies, arrogant pontificators or pity seeking sad sacks, at least not by nature.  We are, actually, normal men, who just happen to feel our emotions a bit more profoundly, and are affected more deeply by the world around us.  Yes, many men in the “alpha” subset like to mock, deride, and go out of their way to make us seem irrelevant or some sort of weak mutation.  We have our masculinity questioned regularly, and must do what we can to adapt to life and conform to a rather stilted standard of what a man is.

The problem is we don’t help our cause by getting involved in bad behavior and relationships, prattling on about unrequited love, and looking for the nearest hankie when the world has done us an injustice.  Gentlemen, this part is about accountability for our emotions, not seeking a justification or excusing bad behavior.

We HSMs have become synonymous with “queenish” behavior, and by that I don’t mean sexual orientation.  I’m talking the over-the-top, Nathan Lane/Jack MacFarlane/Cam Pritchett/Rajesh sort of behavior which stereotypes both gay men and straight HSMs alike.  Gentlemen, both gay, straight, bi and otherwise, we are way better than this.

Rajesh, the prototype for an over-the-top highly sensitive male. Fortunately most of us don't have to get totally shnockered to carry on a coherent conversation with a potential romantic interest.

Let’s start with our relationships.  We want to be taken care of.  Okay. There’s nothing wrong with that, except when we decide that means running from responsibility.  When we allow ourselves to be taken care out of love and we cherish it but don’t expect it and show gratitude, that’s healthy.  When we either expect it, or are afraid of live without it, that’s codependency.  Yes, many of us HSMs suffer from this, but we can work to replace the Co with in and, on the process, serve ourselves and those we love.

Now ladies, I can’t let this go on without a little commentary about your end of the equation.  We men look to our partners for trust, support, love and the most critical thing for an HSM, acceptance.  That is one thing, ladies, which has been in short supply in it culture.  Look, we know you want a man who is both confident and sensitive, but there are times where it feels like the “jackass lust switch” is literally firing on all cylinders.  When that happens, acceptance is tossed aside in favor of uber masculinity, which is rarely a good outcome.  This is not a condemnation of the female love of the prototypical “beefcake.”. Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows they women have their eye candy, same as men do.  This is about your accepting of responsibility of your role on a relationship. If you want your HSM to become something else, you’ll have a long wait.  HSMs rarely change if we don’t perceive an issue.

That brings it back to us, gentlemen.  We often don’t perceive the issues we have because, as HSMs, we experience a strange sort of inferiority/superiority complex.  We justify our arrogance and aloof attitude as being better than those who deride us, when it is merely a mask to hide the fact we secret want to be the people who look at us with condescension.  This particular dichotomy is no different that the very behavior we decry women got.  We have to learn that, before we should even hope to be accepted by those we love, we must first practice the hardest of all disciplines, self-acceptance.

And no it’s not easy to do this, but it is worth it.  Societal acceptance of male sensitivity won’t happen overnight; we must be ahead of the curve.  So, my fellow HSMs, let’s do the work.  Let’s stay humble, grateful, and caring.  We will be far ahead of our own foibles when we achieve this, and those around us who love us, or have thought about a life with us, well be able to embrace our sensitivity that much more readily

Some signs we men are ready to be serious about love.

Well, fellas, I’ve shared some sobering advice, as well as seriously sarcastic humor, about the travails we have had with women (and, as applicable, men as well),  There’s been positive feedback, and constructive feedback, and I thank each and every one of you who read.  Now, it’s time to venture into the territory which is dangerous, dicey, and an all-over risk for a man to do.  I’m about to share the signs a man, be it a friend or serious boyfriend, is at the point where he is seriously into you (and maybe ready for a serious commitment).

Ladies (and gentlemen, as applicable), this is a list gleaned not only from years of personal experience, but also witnessing some of the agonizing my male brethren have experienced over the most important, momentous of decisions one could make with regards to a relationship; shifting the gears up to the where words “love,” “serious,” and “commitment” are no longer words feared, but concepts embraced.  Yes, we men do have a softer, sensitive side that we rarely show.  That side, however, is evident for the entire universe to see when certain factors come into play, and it’s a safe bet when those factors are actually at work, a serious commitment or, at the very least, the desire for a serious commitment is on the short-range radar.

Translation:  when these things start to happen (either one or several), it’s a safe bet the man in your life, be it a friend, casual relationship, or steady boyfriend, is really into you and ready to either enter a relationship or, if in a relationship, commit:

  1. He’s amps up the “neat freak” approach to his place.  Now, if he’s already a neat freak, you’ll actually notice differences going from “neat” to “ultra neat!”  For the average male, demonstrating a sense of pride in one’s domicile enough to transform it from a “man cave” to a “home” is a monumental step.  It means he’s ready to not only welcome you into his home on a moment’s notice, but he’s also ready to demonstrate he’s ready to be a equal in domestic maintenance.  This one is huge, trust me.  It’s also very easy to screw up – never take it for granted.
  2. Eating gets healthier or, at the very least, more personal.  When a man is at the point where he wants to cook for the person in his life and do more than just make boxed Mac-n-cheese, that’s a big stepping stone.  Fewer pizzas and Hot Pocket boxes, and more tomatoes and green peppers in the fridge, is a big deal for any man.  Most men are capable of cooking on some level; revealing this skill is entirely different.  It takes a serious commitment to not only learn how not only to read a recipe, but take the time and care necessary to prepare a genuinely good meal that’s not loaded with preservatives.  This generally means he wants to be with you long-term, and that means a more healthful lifestyle.
  3. Compliments don’t flow like water, but they don’t dry up.  When a man is into a woman and nervous, he will often say some ridiculously romantic things, put you up on a pedestal, or repeatedly say stuff like “I don’t deserve you.”  When the pedestal construction ends in a healthy relationship (or the pedestal is quietly dismantled in favor of a realistic lens), things just got real.  A good way to tell this is the case is when your man pays you a compliment and tells you how much he cares about you, but suggests a minor tweak.  It’s not an attack; he genuinely respects you enough that he is willing to speak his mind, and he’s not afraid of the reaction because he knows he’ll keep his cool.
  4. He asks you where you want to go first, then wants to discuss it.  Rather than simply say “I figured we could…,” he seeks your input.  This is important because not only does he value your opinion from a perfunctory standpoint, he seeks agreement.  It’s very easy for us to just “go along” with a woman’s decision, it’s another to actually talk about what there is to do there.  Now, this doesn’t mean he’s going to suddenly go Martha Stewart at the thought of a wine tasting, but if he says “Yeah, I tried some red wine once and I’d like to see what other stuff is there,” you got a guy who wants to do better for both you and himself.
  5. Holiday invitations.  This seems obvious, but there is a much deeper psychology in play here.  When a man is comfortable enough to invite you into his deepest inner sanctum (especially if he has a very close relationship with his family), this is a half step off a full-scale commitment for a relationship, and a surefire sign he is interested in more than just friendship down the road.  Now, I’m not saying it’s ring-shopping time, but he’s certainly “feeling out” the situation.  Remember, you may think you’ve got to be on your best behavior around the fam, but he’s definitely walking on pins and needles, wondering the opinions of his family, and you can bet he’s praying all goes well, which leads to this next indicator…
  6. He pulls the classic “I need to go (somewhere).  Why don’t you and (mom/dad/family member) talk for a few minutes?”).  This is so transparent, it’s comical.  If I had a nickel for every time I heard this story (or did it myself), I’d be wealthier than Bill Gates.  There is, however, inherent wisdom in this ploy.  This is recon; he’s trying to find out what the family thinks of you so he can decide how far to proceed.  Bear in mind, family dynamics come into play here, so he will ONLY put you in this situation if he has a good relationship with those he actually pairs you with (if he suggests you talk to the family member who constantly criticizes him, that’s a coin flip).  While you’re trying to be yourself as much as can reasonably be expected (any man knows his significant other will be squirming like a worm on a hook), he’s likely turning his stomach in knots because he digs you so much.  if the day turns to a “natural feel,” you hit a Grand Slam!  (FYI:  Women often do the same exact thing!)
  7. Your hygiene products are inventoried.  This is a humorous way of saying your man is willing to make sure you have enough of the things you need to feel “fresh” and “clean,” and may actually volunteer to purchase said supplies.  That said, I will add this – some men have a built-in comfort level with feminine products due to the fact they have female siblings or close female friends and, as a result, never developed an “ick factor.”  The difference-maker in this case is when he checks out, and how he handles this purchase.  If his behavior is, for lack of better words, natural or, better still, he openly admits to being happy to help you out, he digs ya!  That you can take that to the bank!  Ditto for if he tells you he saw a coupon for said supplies, double points if he actually clipped or downloaded it!
  8. Talk of sex becomes rather civilized.  This statement, of course, is quite relative to the relationship.  What I mean by this that sex becomes synonymous with emotional intimacy for a man when a relationship reaches a positive tipping point.  Even if you are just close friends, if he really has heavy-duty emotions, anything having to do with the bedroom will be approached like he’s holding a glass jar full of deadly poison.  He won’t be uncomfortable so much as he will become extremely tender and compassionate to your emotions and feelings, and will go out of his way to make you feel like the most important person in his universe because, really, you have become just that.  If he’s a close friend, this subject becomes taboo until things go “next level.”
  9. He goes out of his way to prevent the “Wandering Eye.”  Look, some of us just have it; that eye that just wanders and notices another woman in the room.  It’s a evolutionary defect (sorry Creationists, you all know I’m right on this one.)  Some of us are better at controlling it than others when a lady we like is around us.  That being said, when a man actively practices maximum restraint over the dangling optical participle, he’s seriously into someone, or ready to commit.  It takes a lot of discipline to put this behavior into practice, so said discipline must be practiced 24/7.  If he is caught (and it does happen,) and he feels lower than dirt not for being caught, but for his failure in discipline, that’s a biggie.
  10. When you’re not around, his energy level is noticeably lower.  When a man is around the person he either deeply cares for, or is ready to commit to, the energy levels spike.  The blood vessels dilate, which means the brain is getting more oxygen, etc. etc. A man in love and feels hopeful is motivated, willing to do whatever it takes to make a real relationship happen and work, and generally just happier.  When you are not around, and he’s emotionally healthy (this is very important – poor emotional health requires an immediate and careful relationship assessment by a trained professional), he’s just a notch lower on the energy scale.  He can still perform at a high level, but knowing you’re around just helps him find that “extra gear.”
  11. Hearing your voice, feeling your touch, or just knowing you in the same zip code is a boost.  See #10.
  12. His friends tell you what he says about you, and he’s fine with it.  When a man is ready to commit, he won’t be afraid of what his buddies or lady friends say to you, so anything is on the table.  What you hear will be nothing he’s not afraid of you hearing.  If he’s nervous about something, he will come to you first and if you aren’t available or it’s a fear about something, he will tell a person he can trust implicitly and leave it at one person told.  Now if he’s a friend, that actually reverses, because he’s terrified of screwing up the friendship.

And here’s the biggie, and it goes if he’s a friend or a boyfriend…

  1. He’s not only ready to meet your family, he is excited.  Nothing is quite an nerve wracking as meeting someone’s family for the first time.  Especially if it’s the family of the one you want to spend your life with.  Being enthusiastic (I mean seriously, not over-the-top faking) is the surest sign a man wants to commit or, if he’s just a friend, really, seriously digs you and wants a relationship.  For some reason, women are more amenable to this idea, so this point doesn’t hold as much weight but, for men, this is about vulnerability, openness, honesty, and being sure of one’s own integrity.  After all, your man is the pink elephant in the room and when you are that “new guy,” it’s not exactly that easy to “do as the Romans do.”  If he pulls it off and feels at ease doing it, touchdown!!!

Now, guys, please do me a favorite and don’t prove me wrong on any of this.  Ladies, I know you’ll find some fault or error with some of these points, but I feel very safe in my opinions and experience, and am comfortable that this list is a good foundation to work with.  I do welcome thoughts and comments on all my posts, though I may debate your thoughts for the purposes of information and opinion (if I think I’m right.)  As always, thank you all for reading.

Coming up next…Transforming weakness to strength, and why it’s an essential (and nearly lost) art.