Books I’ve Written

CHANGE RISING PROOF 3 (1) copyCHANGE RISING (Book #2 in The Scope Series)

Available from Sarah Book Publishing, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

BUY:  Sarah Book PublishingAmazon / Barnes & Noble (Nook only)

It has been nearly a year since Jay Ferragamo inherited the Editor’s chair of The Scope, and much has changed. Botched coverage of a cheating scandal has led the staff to be hesitant, but rumblings of discontent have made caution an unaffordable luxury. When outspoke Student Government Senator DeMarcus Milton levels accusations of racial bias in the Homecoming elections, it sends shock waves throughout the campus, the city, and the staff of The Scope itself. Now, Jay finds himself in the impossible position of having to balance his Editorial promise to do what’s best for the student body against what he knows is best for the entire community.

Making matters worse are the machinations of Student Government President Tasha Davidson and Advisor Frank Hoversham, whose efforts to send a message to Milton have unintended, and potential explosive consequences. In order to cover this powder keg, Jay must patch this staff back together, and help everyone to see that change Milton is attempting to bring is far more noble than any personal ambitions or vendettas he may hold.

In order for this change to rise, Jay has the most important, and dangerous job of all; changing minds.

38Day2A 38 DAY EDUCATION (Book #1 in The Scope Series)

Available from Solstice Publishing and Amazon

BUY:  Amazon / Barnes & Noble (paperback only) / Solstice Publishing

For one student, college is about to become the education of a lifetime.

When Jay Ferragamo becomes Editor of The Scope, South Central College’s campus newspaper, he quickly learns the financial disaster he’s been handed. Rather than giving up, Jay embarks on a mission to secure the needed funds to revive the newspaper, and receives a lesson in both campus and small-town politics. Complicating matters, Jay learns the source of The Scope’s financial travails; thievery by a former staffer who belongs to one of the college’s most generous families. Calling this person to account will mean not only exposing one of the most notorious scandals in the city’s history, but could also destroy Jay’s college career.

Will Jay be able to get The Scope back in business and get justice, or will he and his newspaper become the big story?

paperlossescoverPAPER LOSSES

Available from Solstice Publishing and Amazon

BUY:  Amazon / Solstice (ebook only)

Just when James Allister begins to feel dead and trapped in a hopeless marriage, he receives word of a discrepancy in a circulation report at his newspaper, The Sun-Courier. When he digs into the error, his bosses tell him to leave things alone, which doesn’t sit well with James. He then embarks on a journey down a path through the darkest corners of his employer in an effort to ferret out the truth.

James soon discovers the Sun-Courier’s publisher and owner, Alan Phelps, is too blinded by his own arrogance to see that the reporting errors could be discovered. Worse still, James believes that Phelps may, indeed, be the originator of the whole scheme in an effort to save a newspaper he cannot accept is in its death throes. Adding to all this, the family of one of Phelps’ trusted aides has stirred a controversy in the form of sexual misconduct allegations against James himself.

Can James clear his name and save his career and The Sun-Courier, or will the losses be just too great to bear?

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