Oh insufferable Sagittarius, how you annoy thee Virgo, let me count 10 ways

Well I’m at it again, a little zodiac humor and honesty.  As I am a Virgo and a self appointed expert on all that’s Virgoan, I would like to offer this up for my readers in the spirit of good, clean, NON political fun.  There is one sign which pushes ALL our buttons.  Drum roll please…

Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, the list goes on and on…ironic that Christmas would be a Sagittarian birthday but history suggests Christ was, in fact, a Virgo!


Yes, that annoying, free spirited centaur just gets under our skin like nobody else.  But there are some extremely valid reasons why Sag is a sign which makes us want to take their arrow and shove it where their lower half don’t shine.  And away we go….

  1. A condescension like no other.   My dad is a Sagittarius (your sympathies are appreciated) but I got lucky with him.  He’s merely sarcastic.  I’m referring to the Sagittarius who’s attitude is just, oh, 120 degrees off compassionate.  The one who looks at someone less fortunate just a teensy bit judgy.  That being said, the “moral” ones often have the most skeletons in their closets and are the masters of denials of said bones (a slew of lovers, an affair or two, problems at the office, a reputation for a smart mouth) – yeah, I know that’s a human thing, but Sagittarius is an artist.  Virgo is critical, occasionally hypocritical and can come off as condescending, but Sagittarius genuinely think they are superior. 
  2. Sorry, not sorry.  I have yet to meet the Sagittarius who is genuinely remorseful for hurting someone unless it’s either family or something which threatens their livelihood and even then, it’s like getting an oppositional-defiant child to admit they’re wrong.  Virgos rarely admit error because we usually are meticulous in what we do but when we screw up, we fall on our swords quickly.  We just prefer you don’t point it out.  Sagittarius rips us to shreds and later has to be proven they are wrong, and then it’s like watching a politician in action.  Oh I voted for it, but I didn’t want to do it, and don’t blame me for it.  That’s Sagittarius.
  3. Look at me!  Fellow Virgos, you know what I mean.  Sagittarius loves to talk about their lives, their achievements and….well, them.  When it isn’t about them, it’s about something they are passionate about and, when the interest is not on what makes the red light turn green, the answer is invariably silence, apathy, or a change of subject back to something which interests them.  Of course, we annoy the hell out of them when we drone on about our issues which, to them, seem like a mosquito bite but, hey, not everything is about what ol’ Sag wants to talk about.
  4. Short attention span theatre:  Despite their propensity for condtescencion, Sags are by no means snobs.  Unfortunately for hyper-focused Virgo, the garden-variety Sagittarius is flighty as shit!  ADHD was likely first diagnosed in a Sagittarius patient by a Virgo doctor.  While Virgos and Sags can be amazing friends, they often butt heads in the areas of responsibility and independence.  A Sag does work hard for everything they have and believe others should too, but what causes them to work hard can become really old, really fast.  Also, Sagittarians are excitement junkies (typical for fire signs, but especially for Sagittarians), which means when the rush is gone, it’s on to the next adventure….er….challenge. For us Virgos, who pride ourselves on job stability or, at the very least, a willingness do the dirty jobs, a Sagittarian’s career map looks something like an ink-blot test, all over the map, even if there’s cohesion in career.  Speaking of flighty…
  5. Sagittarius almost  always goes for the “trendy causes”:  Save the Whales, Green Planet, Relief Telethons, and Social Media Movements are the Sagittarian’s dream come true.  The Sag loves to be avante garde, mainly because many of them have a distinct superiority complex.  This irks Virgo to no end, as we love to dive, feet first, into a grinding, plodding, dirty work charity such as Salvation Army or Habitat for Humanity.  When Virgo and Sag get involved in a cause together, Sags are usually the “front men,” and often gallop off the second they are bored, leaving Virgo to clean up the mess.
  6. They are very much into the “Flavor of the Month.”  If you are dating a Sagittarius and you havent gotten engaged after a year, don’t count on it.  Sagittarius, especially females, are traditional singles – owing to the fact they crave independence.  Virgos, conversely, are very commitment-oriented but take their time and look for the fly in the ointment, but not because of a desire to stray.  Rather, a Virgo is always concerned about their own flaws creating an environment ripe for breakup.  Of course this makes Virgo look like we want the single life forever.  It’s not just relationships, either – Sagittarians are fashion-conscious and trend-oriented, and drive Virgos nuts by pointing how our “traditional” or “timeless”fashion sense is stale or old.  Virgo fashion sense always comes back around, and Sag is usually claiming they were ahead of the curve when the reality is, Virgo was usually there first because, honestly, we didn’t move.
  7. They are profound, irritating know it alls.  Okay, fairness time:  Virgos are also know it alls but, chances are, we actually do know.  Sagittarius is famous for winging it, the old “Fake it till you Make it” look.  A Virgo will call out a Sag for an inaccuracy, and a Sag will usually respond with either silence or a smart remark.  For Sagittarius (who absolutely hates to lose), being right is a competitive sport.  Granted, Virgo needs to get a little thicker skin, but Sagittarius is devoted to the win, often at any cost..
  8. Insensitivity with a touch of smug.  Any Virgo knows we are critical – we spot the flaw in something and point it out.  It’s not because we want to hurt someone and tear them down – we genuinely want to help and perfect.  Sagittarius, conversely, is blunt in order to be honest, but the “I don’t sugar coat” mentality is a bit much at times.  Okay, most of the time.  There comes a point where a soft touch gets the job done far more effectively than a slap in the face.  Worse still is the fact that Sag tends to be smug about that insensitivity with the “get over it” attitude and the “I’m a stronger (whatever).”  While Virgo needs have soft touch software installed; Sagittarius needs to have the smug virus removed.
  9. That aggravating, insufferable “shake it off” attitude:  Yes, Taylor Swift is a Sag, and that’s zero surprise.  I truly believe a Virgos life lesson is “shake it off,” and learning to live in the moment and just go with it.  For Sagittarius, that life lesson should be the Virgo mentality of “look before you leap.”  Whether it is love, money, career, or anything else, Sagittarians love, I mean absolutely get off, on telling Virgos to “get over yourself.”  News flash, Sag Nation:  Virgo isn’t the “get over it” folks – we are the “perfect it and do it better than you” folks.  And finally…
  10. I’m spiritual, not religious:  GAHHH!!!!  (Insert extreme profanity here!)  Many Virgos are profoundly spiritual creatures.  Our intuition is super fine tuned, and we take our spiritual side seriously.  Sagittarius is usually off-the-charts intuitive, but are so damned smug about it!  Yes, we know you can call the outcome of a ballgame, or tell when someone is bullshitting, or spot a liar a mile away.  We also know you can tell a great lover from a dud between the sheets, but hearing that “not religious” line smacks of a smugness that screams “I don’t need anyone but myself.” That’s all well and good, but if spiritual beliefs were a degree earning course, Virgos would have doctorates and Sagittarius would still be figuring out their major after 20 years. The exception is a Sagittarius who is actually religious, then their smugness is slightly less insufferable.  Smug flightiness is the most insufferable thing on earth, and Sagittarius “spirituality” is the epitome of this.

To be fair, I know many Sagittarians who are loving, fun, enjoyable, jovial people to be around and, thankfully, do not allow the “button pushing” traits to be dominant.  This is merely the shadow side which really pisses off Virgos.  That said, I fully expect my Sagittarius friends to take me to task on this one.  Be my guest.  I may indeed be wrong on an individual level but, trust me, this is mostly accurate.  If I offended you that much, could be that I actually plucked a nerve of truth? After all, aren’t Sagittarians devoted to the truth?

Don’t worry, Virgos – the one sign whose 9button we push gets their say next:  Aquarius.

11 thoughts on “Oh insufferable Sagittarius, how you annoy thee Virgo, let me count 10 ways

    • True but this was in good fun. Don’t think for a moment I don’t have Sagittarius friends and family looking at this calling me an uptight, bitter, nitpicking stick in the mud. It was focused on the buttons – some truth-based humor. But thanks for your perspective and comments.

  1. Yea, well, as a member of a Sagittarius-dominated family, I can tell ya Sagittarius ain’t a picnic unto itself, either. But, as judgy as any other thinks we are, it is not my intent to sentence anyone–including any Virgo–to a jail sentence or execution.

    The irony here is that Virgo is known for gleaning itself and its environment, being particular about who he/she lets into his/her personal space…though Virgo is also said to be naive and make its share of mistakes. So, Sagittarius has its judgmental side, and so does Virgo.

    Why, yes, I AM an artist. 🙂 But, I know when I am not superior. And, it irks me every time someone says, “You think you’re better than me!” I am as hard on myself as I am others…if not harder on myself.

    As to being sorry, this is my viewpoint on all of that. True, my mother refuses to say sorry–not to mention any blessing when someone sneezes–and rarely if ever atones for the crimes she inflicts upon her family. My father, on the other hand, will usually take the blame for everything and kiss the ground she walks upon. And, I am in the middle. I weigh both sides like Libra and try to keep a Gemini sense of humor. I don’t think “sorry” does any good. I don’t want to hear you’re sorry I got sick, sorry someone hurt me or sorry I lost a family member. I think people abuse it like a “get out of jail free” card. I prefer those who regret what they did to amend the situation.

    Some psychologists would say, “Sagittarius doesn’t make you feel torn to shreds; YOU impose this upon yourself. You choose how to react to what others say/do.”

    I talk about myself when others talk about themselves first or when I am asked particular questions. But, if someone says, “Tell me about yourself,” I bottle up or say, “Be more specific.”

    And, when others vent to me, it’s okay as long as the dialogue doesn’t go in circles and as long as I am feeling receptive. When I am feeling ill, angry or depressed are not good times to vent. Check your audience. “Can I talk to you about something bugging me?” But, some people go on and on about the same train of thought and can be just as “deaf” as my Sagittarius “cousins” can be. It’s like women shopping and asking men their opinion before making the decision themselves, anyway.

    My attention span is impacted by my mental health. When I am stressed or depressed, pardon me for not being remotely “all there.” But, when I am comfortable and feeling good about/desiring your company, I am a darn good therapist. Think of me like the house cat that can either enjoy sitting on your lap or wandering off to lay in my favorite corner.

    Virgos are said to be practical thinkers. That DOES bore the average Sagittarius. You are sticklers for details, don’t mind doing paperwork. We’d rather let someone else do the paperwork while we plan the vacation of a lifetime.

    Here’s where I throw you a flaming curve ball. I do NOT follow trends. When I was little, sure, I wanted to keep up with the cool kids. And, very quickly, I learned that would never happen with my family. Once I reached my teens, I learned many trends or organizations with stellar reputations are deceptive. I no longer long to be a slave of the Disney Empire. Nor do I need $70 Nike shoes to be comfortable.

    The whole “flavor of the month” bit I’d call being free to change at a moment’s notice. It’s an adaptive trait that helps cushion the blows to our ever laid-out plans. I know some Sagittariuses who swear by fully detailed plans; and any deviation could draw storm clouds. [I’ve had my moments.] Also, routine is like the driest food we can imagine. Well, those of us who develop or focus on our creative sides. Some military types like their routines and order.

    Though, you got me thinking of the frozen custard places that offer flavors of the day. It’s nice to have variety, some of the time.

    I can admit to being wrong, but I may make you work for it. 🙂 I didn’t excel in debate classes for nothing. Still, sometimes, losing has its benefits. 🙂

    If I ever appear smug and insensitive, it is my mother’s curse. I do not like that face!

    If you can attest to pointing out flaws and wanting to help, so can I. [And, as far as I know, we both are only free to perfect ourselves. Others don’t seem too keen on our opinions of that.]

    I wish I was better at “shaking it off.” I jokingly tell people who get into a snit, “Idina Menzel! Idina Menzel! Let it go!” But, often enough, things said or done get under my skin and fester for a while. And, sometimes, bridges have to be burned, like it or not. [I hate goodbyes. But, I adore Taylor Swift. 🙂 Her and I would click well, if my research is accurate.]

    Check. You don’t like atheists. Me neither.

    I would prefer to think Virgo follows traditional religions while Sagittarius says, “Anything is possible.”

    And, here’s another difference between you and I. I cannot possibly come up with a list of ten things that Virgos do to irk me. I’ve run into my share. But, I know each is a little different. And, I’ve learned to love them as much as they can annoy me. [Though Tauruses are far easier to love.]

    If I’ve said to much, it runs in the family.

    • It’s like women shopping and asking men their opinion before making the decision themselves, anyway”

      LMAO!!! I’ve been through that so much! Thank you for the comment and the perspective.

      • Ya know? 🙂 But, wait, are you like the woman who ignores the second opinion…or are you just one of the many sad chaps who put up with the boob trap?

        I thought you would catch my typo. Maybe yer not so Virgo. 🙂

  2. Not true. I’m a Virgo and Sagittarius is one of my most favorite signs. You definitely don’t speak for all Virgos. And Virgos are a very individualized sign. Very few are alike.

    • Most of the Sagittarians in my life are wonderful people but they do have their shadow side. Most Virgos I’ve known in my life actually agree with this but you are right very few of us are alike. I honestly prefer Cancer and Pisces . Thanks for reading.

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