America’s most dire issue, and how to fix it

Our nation has, indeed, reached a tipping point. Many of us have refused to act out of a sense of fear, or a simple desire to focus on our daily lives. This is understandable; most Americans are busy trying to survive, many are just doing their best to keep from falling behind in a landscape increasingly tilted towards those who are capable of quickly and efficiently, through either informal or legal means, acquire more wealth, power, and influence. The notion of a “New Feudalism” is not the province of conspiracy theorists – it is a clear and present threat to the very fabric of our national vitality, and one which must be confronted directly.

A look at the Babylon 5 TV movies

Last year I posted about the various Star Trek movies and gave them an overall rating.  Today, I am going to discuss my view of the Babylon 5 television movies, as well as my thoughts on the swirling discussion over a possible feature film to begin production as soon as 2016.  While I am a…