John E. Guzzardo featured on Forbidden Tears Radio – available for download

John E. Guzzardo featured on Forbidden Tears Radio – available for download

On Saturday, May 24, I was featured in an interview on Forbidden Tears Radio, an online radio program which combines indie music with established faves and guests.  I was fortunate enough to guest on this program and discuss my book, “A 38 Day Education.”  Feel free to listen.

Why I love to write…


What good is writing?

That’s a question I have asked myself over the years and, strange enough, decided there is a lot of good to writing.  There is a lot of good that writing can do, and even more good which writing can effect.  Yes, I know, crazy trite platitude, but it’s late at night, I have a crappy air conditioner in middle of late May Georgia heatwave, and I’m feeling a bit on the idealistic side, so I ask you indulge me dropping whatever pops into my head.

Writing has a particular fun quality to it, mostly because it allows us to experience a little bit of a “god complex.”  We create a universe, populate it with characters and places and all sorts of drama and humor, wind up the machine, and let it roll.  There is precious little writing doesn’t allow the human mind to achieve.

You really can’t quantify the joys of writing; they are just there.  Infinity is a good word to use when considering all the various combinations one can achieve just by sitting at a desk, or in a couch, or on a porch, whipping out whatever media one would use to jot things down, and let it all fly.  Nothing is really out of bounds.  Hell, even Fifty Shades of Grey proved that a well written book with tons of hot, steamy sex scenes can sell like hotcakes.

The written word offers a cavalcade of options for anyone, from the new writer in kindergarten looking to rhyme “roses are red, violets of blue,” to the experienced novelist, poet and blogger looking to make their mark in this crazy world.  As it is a world where action stems from ideas, the written word is the universe of the idea, and those who ply that craft into an art which provides them a living truly are living the dream.

Yes, writing is good – for the soul, the mind, the body and, yes, the world.  And this for the same kid who once had to write, by hand, “I will not forget to do my homework,” 680 times!

Writers, grab your pens, and start your mental engines!


Why read “A 38 Day Education?”


For one student, college is about to become the education of a lifetime.

When Jay Ferragamo becomes Editor of The Scope, South Central College’s campus newspaper, he quickly learns the financial disaster he’s been handed.  Rather than giving up, Jay embarks on a mission to secure the needed funds to review the newspaper, and receives a lesson in both campus and small-town politics.  Complicating matters, Jay learns the source of The Scope’s financial travails; thievery by a former staffer who belongs to one of the college’s most generous families.  Calling this person to account will mean not only exposing one of the most notorious scandals in the city’s history, but could also destroy Jay’s college career.

Will Jay be able to get The Scope back in business and get justice, or will he and his newspaper become the big story?