Flash Fiction Friday: Ghost from the past

NOTE:  My apologies for not posting this on Friday.  There were some personal obligations I had to tend to.

“Hi,” she said.

“Hey,” I said back. It was surprising to see she was attempting to reach out to me.  Her eyes were shining, or so her message tone led me to believe. “I’m happy you actually responded. To be honest, I wasn’t sure you would.”

My response to that was simple. “I’m being emotionally distant, not rude.”

“The truth is never easy to face,” she remarked, beginning what was sure to be an uncomfortable admission.  We had both dealt with demons over the past few years, and had to confront issues in our own lives.  Nothing would be able to change to the hurt of the past, but we both faced that hurt, at least we wanted to believe that.

Still, there was no way to dance around the feelings that still existed. “It never is. But what is your truth?”

“That you,” she began, then paused. “we are meant to be together.”

That was a broadside I had feared. Seeing those words typed in front of me was enough to put my stomach into a knot. Didn’t she know better than to say that sort of thing to me? I had spent over a year trying to get her memory out of my mind, still she never failed to drop me a note at just the right time, as if on cue. Wasn’t the pain we had both endured enough?

“That’s an awfully stunning thing to admit,” I replied. “But the question isn’t why, but what do we do now?”

Her answer was even more startling than the admission. “Well, I think we need to meet soon. See where it goes.”

“That may be difficult to do,” I said. “We both have our obligations.”

What she said next almost made me fall over. “There’s no obligation greater than that of the soul.”

“Why does that sound familiar?”

“Because,” she said, adding a smile. “You’re the one who said it.”

Well, she just knew exactly what to say, didn’t she?

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