An open call for contributors

Now that I am entering into the world of contracted professional authors, one of the biggest changes to this blog is about to occur.  I am now making an open call for contributors!

If you are interested in contributing to my blog, please bear in mind the following guidelines:

  1. I reserve final say on all contributions – if what you contribute doesn’t get on my blog, it’s not personal.
  2. Be as entertaining as possible, but keep it tasteful.
  3. Be on point – reviews, articles and contributions about literature get top billing, followed by tips and tricks and advice/how-to’s for writers.
  4. Attack and “gotcha” pieces will not be posted.
  5. Please share – the more we share, the more people read – as the saying go “you do business with me, I do business with you!”

That said, please CONTACT ME (click the link).

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