What to do when BOTH PARTIES are the problem

Recent battles in Washington, combined with the fact 2014 is an election year, has both parties in America doing what they are want to do:  pointing fingers at each other. 

In an interesting twist, both Democrats and Republicans appear to be about as responsive to voters as a credit card call center.  This is not all that surprising, considering both parties play to their base. 

What is surprising is that both parties bars appears to be suffering from a split personality disorder.  So here is a look at who both parties really play to, and speculation as to why.

Democrats:  Dems like to consider their base to be working Americans, but the reality is that the party of the working man has transformed into a quasi-socialist, near statist movement.  Those in power are mostly connected to both Big Labor, Big Entertainment, and Big Tort.  Oddly enough, two industries which have their fingers in this stewpot are Big Insurance and Big Retail.  Insurers stand to make billions under the Affordable Care Act, and major retailers have the opportunity to use the act to justify steep workforce cuts to compensate for the increase in costs of goods manufactured in China.  For the Democrat power brokers,  it’s not about working families, but about trying to get people to buy into cradle to grave care using Saul Alinsky tactics for one reason:  control.. 

Republicans:  the GOP likes to think of itself a the party of small business, traditional values and responsibility, but a drill down into the party core shows it to be one controlled by plutocrats and oligarchs.  Big Pharm, Big Finance and Big Industrial are the biggest dogs in the Republican Party.  Big Retail and Big Insurance also have their hands in this pot as well.  Rather than focus on the fiscal ideas of the Tea Party, the GOP bigwigs focus instead on a perverted, Ayn Rand driven worldview in which the ends justify the means, and the economically strong dominate the weak so those in power can maintain one thing: control.

See a parallel?

The one thing both parties don’t understand, or don’t want to understand, is that they are the problem.  They are the enemy of the American people.

To borrow the overused Darth Vader quote, search your feelings, voters, you know it to be true.

So what sort of candidate, what sort of party should we be looking for?  Well, here’s a sampling of what would be really refreshing:

1.  Would want a balanced budget.
2.  Would want an end to endless wars, police actions, and assisting nations which stab us in the back.
3.  Would promote tolerance and diversity in all things but allow Americans to make their own choices.
4.  Would not try to legislate morality.
5.  Would focus on reforming bureaucracy and creating an accountability task force to bring government employees and leaders back to earth.
6.  Would promote a restoration of the dignity of work.
7.  Would end the bankruptcy exemption for student loans, forcing lenders to rethink their policies and ending the debt slavery created by this system.
8.  Would focus on ending not just individual welfare abuse, but also corporate welfare in the form of tax agreements and egregious abuse of tax shelters.
9.  Would examine government contracts for blatant conflicts of interest.
10.  Would allow unlimited campaign contributions on the condition of full transparency and disclosure of all sources.

Sadly, this would require a person who really doesn’t care what sort of mud and slime is flung their way, because both parties would look for everything that person did wrong to stop their efforts, even going so far as to pass legislation making it seemingly impossible to get on the ballot.

Hope springs eternal I suppose.

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