Storm brings out the best in Atlanta business


If you were one of tens of thousands stuck in what essentially amounted to the traffic version of Hurricane Katrina, you know how bad things were in Atlanta Tuesday night.  Long story short, the region got caught with its collective pants down, and now the job is to clean up.

That said, three were some shining examples of business helping people out.  Publix, Kroger thé Home Depot opened their doors to folks stuck in this mess.  At the Home Depot in Dunwoody, management rolled out a quasi red carpet to weary motorists, complete with snacks, coffee, hot chocolate and ramen noodle cups.  Wednesday, they went next door to Costco and purchased basics such as wet wipes, and food ….and gained loyal customers grateful for a warm safe place to stay.

This is just a sample of how Atlanta residents came together.
Wonderful folks doing right by others, the way it should be.

Kudos to them all!!!!

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