A Realization of Spiritual Mission for This New Year

My path is that of an old soul…..I must learn what there is left to learn in this life and repay the debts I’ve incurred through pain and the sharing of my knowledge.  

Wisdom is acquired through the fundamental understanding of the world and realizing that, deep down, there is no one true way.  Instead, there are many different ways, all leading to a common point, a common truth, in life….that we must choose what path it is we wish to follow.  However, in order to do that we must first learn to surrender ourselves to which we hope to achieve and the fear that comes with it.  

To overcome something, surrender to it is required, be it a challenge, a disability, a quirk, a mutation, a issue of any sort; in order to be able to overcome it, we must first surrender to it, then integrate it into ourselves, love it, learn from it, and, finally, share that wisdom without any sort of fear of reprisal. The sharing is final step because it is often the part which requires simultaneous execution of all previous steps in unison.  This requires the sort of leap of faith that typically resides only in seekers and masters.I do not consider myself a master…only a seeker.  I hope, one day, to find who it is who holds the truth of my own existence and learn from them.  

Though my faith is Christian on origin and heritage, only the Divine knows the proper application of this into my authentic self.  When my full integration is achieved, I hope to understand my life for all it truly is and pass that wisdom on to others. 


For now, I continue to seek and accept, to grow and to love, to learn and share and I invite you to join me on this path.

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