A special prayer of hope

I’m offering up a prayer now, hoping that by putting my humbling on display for all to see that maybe somehow fortune may favor me. If you choose to use this I only ask you share it.

.Dear God,

I have been humbled by my foolishness
I have been destroyed by my hubris
All that is left is hope, and there is precious little of that to hold onto.
I believe in miracles because they have happened to me
But I feel as though my life is without meaning, devoid of joy.
I ask that you help let find my path
I beg that you change my heart
I plead with you to end this pain and these burdens
I pray that all the unfair things in this world are made fair
And those who are fair and just be rewarded
I know my desires are selfish and I am sorry for that
I beg for your forgiveness
And the strength and courage to forgive myself.
All that I am and ever will be is now in your hands
I trust you..I ask you grant me the courage to finally trust myself


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