A Teaspoon of Perspective

The holiday season has given way to the post season blahs, the year in review articles, people bragging about the gifts they received, etc.  It’s difficult to look at everyone and think about what they have and what you don’t, but there is something a friend once told me when I feel like the grass is greener on the other side.

“Sure, their grass looks greener, because they use a ton of bovine fertilizer.”

Translation:  some people use bullshit to look better.

It makes perfect sense.  People may buy a fancy car, a big house and wear designer clothing, but we have no idea how they got these things.  The car could have been a gift.  The house could be an interest-only deal now in foreclosure.  The clothes could be purchased on consignment.  This person could be dealing with abuse, infidelity, child issues, or simply has a ton of insecurities.  Who really knows?

When I get depressed about this – let’s face it, we all do – I remember those words spoken by my friend and realize that, all in all, I’m doing okay considering.  Yes, I drive a car with problems, but the payments are current and the warranty is still in force.  I may live in an apartment, but at least it’s a warm place to rest my head and may mot eat at fancy restaurants, but I know how to cook and because of that, I won’t go hungry.

It’s really all relative. Now, if I could just square that love thing….hope springs eternal, I suppose.

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